Vintage Furniture from TM Sillerias in TV serie Velvet

//Vintage Furniture from TM Sillerias in TV serie Velvet

Vintage Furniture from TM Sillerias in TV serie Velvet

Vintage Furniture from TM Sillerias in tv show Velvet Collection

Last September 22nd was launched Velvet collection in Movistar +. This fiction, standed by Marta Hazas, Imanol Arias and Asier Etxeandia among others, has landed with a good step in the Spanish homes televisions, becoming the one with more audience in Movistar +.

Bambu producciones launched Velvet with its original colourful, characters and with its own charm in the stage. And the atrezzo, totally renewed keeps the style from the 60s and 70s, full of elegance and smart. For this stage it has been selected vintage furniture, totally fitting the era and without leaving anything to chance. And TM Sillerias has been involved on it. Bambu producciones has taken into account us to furnish and decórate the romos that will be seen in this renewed Velvet.

Thus, our vintage furniture will be present in the mal hall, director’s office, and the new bar that keeps a smart style and elegant, according the best bars of the era.

One of our most iconic ítems in vintage Furniture is really important in the serie, and furthermore, is part of the billboard in the premiere.

It is our armchair ref. 1578, included in the new catalogue TM Sillerias 2017/2018, totally square, upholstered and wooden legs in the nordic style. This is a wide and comfortable armchair and stands his great aesthetics. It is perfect for romos, halls, polyvalent providing confort and distinction in any place, being classic or modern area.

Armchair 1578

This type of product can be settled in many different Projects, that adapt to spaces and backgrounds, being capable of giving a modern touch to updated spaces, or create ambients from older periods with a smart vintage feeling.

Velvet’s Bar, TM Sillerias

Armchair 215

On the other hand, the new bar counts with one of our classical pieces. An armchair 215, included in our new catalogue TM Sillerias 2017/2018, rounded and upholstered from upside down, with a retro style. Although it has an out of time design, a good choice with the upholstery in this chair will bring it to success any place. In this case, this armchair brings us to travel in time and feeling like being in the 60s.

And finally, in the meeting room from the board directors can appreciate armchair ref.8253, included in the new catalogue TM Sillerias 2017/2018, with square arms, chrome central leg. A fresh ítem, comfortable and really useful. This armchair is an icon for TM Sillerias because of his elegance and austherity in the shape, it means a feature model representing perfectly well updated style and minimalist that are standing our company.

Amrchair 8253

From TM Sillerias, we invite you to discover these new models in vintage Furniture, that compiles the stages from the best versión of Velvet.

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