They are essential in the hospitality industry. His strength, stability and durability are critical. So the covers come in different formats such as HPL or veneered mdf has finished slip to avoid as far as possible the potential wear and tear. The restaurant tables are characterized by their elegance in the legs and bases, and especially in the width of the covers because the service provided in such establishments require enough space to include all the essential elements carte dishes.

Our restaurant tables are characterized by stability and especially for its artistic beauty and aesthetics and elegance of form, especially when it comes to the table with central column which is what really shines in the table as the decorated tablecloths obscures the table in a global manner. Each includes base levelers for stability control in case there was some sort of defect in the floor.
We have the most modern styles of finished wood column and stainless steel details, to those whose aesthetic reminds us mid-twentieth century styles do not forget the classic but with a modern twist that always makes them different.

Our models are focused for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars and also to areas of communities where they use is essential and the strength and durability make it essential.
Aesthetics are important and why we propose models with a touch of modernity to the acceptance by the public is a majority.