Sofa bed

The sofa is a type increasingly common both in homes and hotel rooms in large couch. The possibility of profiting the space is the major aim of this sofa. Today it is increasingly common sofa bed, because by opening a mechanism offers a solution to any space problem. It is difficult to know if the sofa bed because it takes the technical department increasingly invests more time to develop this type of furniture. The lines and designs are very similar to a 3-seater sofa.

The mechanism is simple and easy to use. Only by removing the mattress from underneath the cushions, the bed will be prepared. All materials used are of high quality. Designed with the right to place a box spring and a mattress inside the sofa dimensions. This sofa bed offers the ability to mix an atmosphere of bedroom and living room, with contemporary style that characterizes TM Sillerías.

The structure has high quality wood, like the other components of the sofa. Suitable foam for this type of sofas. The fabrics are the same design we use for all sofas. Spanish Suppliers of quality, we work many years. Cushions, legs and other sofa components are used for the comfort of the user.