The relax sofas that TM Sillerías manufacture are designed to provide greater comfort than a conventional sofa. The design of these sofas has no other purpose than to achieve relaxation in people who use it. Sofas are versatile for use in environments very different styles. A hotel room quality can be complete with these sofas relax. In rooms with space to use the mechanism.

The contemporary style of all materials and simple lines make our relax sofas a reference both in Spain and abroad. A main feature of these is the internal mechanism sofa to rest one or more seaters. The wooden structure is different from that usually upholstered sofas, must incorporate a mechanism to equip the couch to rest.

So you can become totally lying in different positions. All relaxing sofas can be used in different positions. We use a high tech mechanism and certified by international agencies, which provide safety and performance assurance. The fabrics are made to withstand the mechanism and friction. TM Sillerías provides the same guarantee for relax sofas than the rest of sofas.

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