Modern Sofas

This type of modern sofas is a break with classic forms and design. Here TM Sillerías is creating original models, far from conventional sofas that are used to seeing. A modern apartment furnishings requires the same style and the same applies to design hotels, boutique hotels. These spaces are ideal for our range of modern sofas, lines and materials design.

The new range of modern sofas involve several characteristics. In this section we wanted to make a picture of different sofas. Here modern sofas have clean lines and straight cuts in full color. So we managed to get the sofas, besides the comfort, stability and other usual features, visual aspects and imagination are also valued.
In this range, modern sofas can be anything that crosses their imagination. So a very bold idea can be captured in such a common furniture like a sofa. The designs, different shapes for all tastes. The tissues of a very good quality, but mostly stand out for their style. The wooden frame goes from being a staple on the couch be the differentiator. Comfort and quality are interspersed with more original designs.