Leather sofas

This range of high quality sofas is the main sign of leather sofas. Using natural materials, authentic animal skin, but compliance with the rules and treatment necessary to provide our range of leather sofas authenticity.
As with all our sofas, original design and comfort are the main characteristics. But this line of sofas brings fabric added value as leather value. These sofas multiple people can enjoy the pleasant and unique feel of animal skin. The leateher is treated to be used in upholstery.

The length is always under responsible unlimited use. So you can add great beauty to the comfort of our sofas. The solid wood frame is specially made, along with foam and other materials that provide the stability needed to use the leather above. The cushions with a different density, are upholstered in an alternative to other conventional fabric form.

Leather needs a different way of working, both cutting and use. In order to achieve a piece of great beauty. Modern lines remain the standard of the company, and this type of leather sofas can be used in conference rooms and high-quality hotels. Therefore, the range of leather sofas TM Sillerias is highly valued in the national and international market, for reasons such as comfort, space, visual appearance.