The market is constantly changing and with this, a new range of furniture involves new features. Comfort and quality sofas are intertwined with more original designs that in first place unleash imagination when it comes to conceptualize them. Clean and different lines, straight cuts, unique colors, are just some of the features of the collection of design sofas by TM Sillerias. In this section, we seek to create unique models that suit the needs of our most bold and daring customers.
Whether it is for a modern and innovative apartment or for boutique or design hotels, our range of design sofas characterized by their material and design lines ensures a recognizable décor known for harmony and innovation. Our collection of design sofas combines comfort and stability among its other common characteristics, also providing the value of imagination and visual aesthetic to the mix. Like all pieces in TM Sillerias, our materials and fabrics are of the highest quality, ensuring not only memorable pieces by design, but durability in time for their excellent finish and quality.