Sofas are a main piece in every home, and a key element in any interior styling. Since this piece of furniture is synonymous with rest, its structure and materials should be designed to allow recurring periods of rest in the best possible conditions.
In TM Sillerias, we understand that to rest in the most exclusive environments and feel like “home”, can be achieved only with an outburst of creativity, reliability and professionalism. That’s why when planning our collection of sofas, we have worked to develop pieces characterized by a perfect combination of comfort and styling.
In different colors and materials, the supply of TM Sillerías market includes sofas in different dimensions, two seats, three seats, four seats, and even five seats for larger families. We offer pieces in different styles, to suit both classic and avant-garde tastes, classifying our production in our four particular collections: the bed sofa, which offers the advantage of having two functions in one piece; one of leather sofas, characterized by the material of the upholstery; our collection of modern sofas, upholstered in neutral colors and straight lines; and finally the designer sofas with riskier lines and colors.