Design seats

In TM Sillerias we stay updated with cutting-edge trends with our collection of design seats, which combine elements like lines and colors to offer unique pieces that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. With seats upholstered in bright colors like red, TM Sillerias offers a variety of design pieces that fascinate even the most daring client.

Combining materials, structures and colors, we have created a collection of unique and unrepeatable seats, with first class styling, which preserves the quality of the furniture and in turn allows for a memorable touch to the decor of any space where the seat is to be located.

In TM Sillerias, our design seats can be excellently combined with other pieces of furniture, or may look like decoration centerpieces. Whether for an office space, a hotel lobby or restaurant, or in the same household, design seats by TM Sillerias get a unique and unforgettable effect.