Hospitality chairs belong to the family of minor upholstery. Require special construction to ensure durability and resistance that will be submitted by your daily and everyday use.

Depending on the decorative style that will print the establishment and chairs also arise: rustic, modern, casual, young, elizabethan, space, contemporary, country, etc. In many cases, we request that the foam and textiles have a proper to the rules for this type of furniture fireproofing communities.

Conjugate strength, versatility, aesthetic beauty, optimization of space, elegance and comfort is the main aim of our chairs for the hospitality focused. Our models are focused on hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars and also to areas of communities where daily use is essential and the strength and durability make it essential.
Aesthetics are important and why we propose models with a contemporary twist for the acceptance by the public is a majority. Increasingly customers are more demanding, with colourful tastes.

Hence we raise lots of models, if it is true is that the trend is to find a universal style like an international audience that every day is imposed more as a consumer of tourism.

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