One of the main elements of the furnishings of a bedroom in a hotel establishment are the headboards. When you enter the room is the element that defines the style and aesthetics of the room. The colour, texture, shape and aesthetics make a list of features that characterize and give name to the ambiance of the room.
Although the brand a little mattress width measurement, the truth is that has a custom action based on elements such as tables, room space or wanting a taste for decorative wall as a whole. This makes the valuation and economic proposal adjustment for measures and quantities. Treatment and versatility is the same as enjoying any upholstery item, any or armchair upholstered. Possibility of colors and textures as many textile type available on the market.

Some have limitations because the fabric is stamped with a certain design that limits the materials and the measures as mold and die; the advantage is differentiation that makes them unique.
You can also work on mdf headboard and we can find a wide range of colours and textures.