They cover 90% of our collection. They are stools that are timeless, that do not conform to a particular artistic and decorative style. They are stools with a modern and neutral aesthetic that makes his style fits in almost any environment. The personality is defined by the choice of the customer color wood and upholstery, making it a unique and exclusive model for every occasion.

Current approaches in interior decoration seek to transfer the personality of the user environment. It is increasingly common finding of personalism and distinction in pleasant surroundings. Contemporary stool stands for today, this stool is not timeless; XXI century stool stool that fits with the latest trends in decoration, aesthetically stool does not adhere to the ancient canons of construction and presentation of the seat or only round or square only.

Stool plays with shapes to fit any given edge and gives it a touch of warmth to accompany perfectly into any environment and decorative proposal.