Kitchen Stools

A stool is a seat without arms, for one person. The humblest of the seats are known, the more uncomfortable and probably one of the first to be used. In the kitchen there are metal and wood, with upholstered seat, seat or wooden seat cattail. A kitchen stools the same thing happens to the chairs. The low stool with seat height as the chair is the perfect service to have more time to sit without taking up too much space complement.
They are usually of special features, conditioned by the height of the bars, islands and countertops household and aesthetic combination required by demanding the rest of the furniture and appliances in the kitchen. Formerly and even currently used alternatively with kitchen chairs due to their ability to be reflected under the table.

Due to the design of the current system kitchens with island bar and there are also adapted to this height (typically 90) to provide added service and able to perform light and quick meals that avoid mounting the table in the lounge.