Hospitality stool is essential. Almost as much as the chair. Their use is becoming more commonplace. It’s like a high chair right up to the bar. In fact increasingly demanded table with stool height. That is why this has to be comfortable, durable, broad at the same time attractive and aesthetically appealing.
We have a wide range of models suitable for all environments, with wood or upholstered seat with and without backrest; made of wood but also in aluminum, iron and stainless steel. In industrialized areas or a high concentration of service firms with offices local flowers that are to be reduced space for rent at cost. So welcome in the hospitality world is known as a captive customer.

Customers conditioned by their working circumstances at meal times no choice but to go to such establishments because they have no alternatives left. They are passing customers whose consumption of time spent is relatively brief. Because of this small space and high tables with lid or reduced in size and stools are a solution that makes the importance of hospitality stool becomes relevant.

If we care for the combination of aesthetic appeal, comfort, durability and value for money we will be prepared for a market that is becoming increasingly more demanding and demand a product with manufacturer’s warranty, replacement and service.