Design stools

Everyday the market and customers demand and surpass demand a little more. Not only worth the stool is comfortable. It is an essential part of decoration and as mentioned before, is the face of the establishment, the first image. Where is first accessed to the bar, either to consume or to request information. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, the stools are to have each day and improve the design.

Curved legs, Elizabethan legs, backs in more ways than are somehow essential to define the style and aesthetics of the stool. By design stools understand those who are outside the conventional aesthetic parameters. They are transgressive models both the seat and backrest and the structure of the feet or pedestals lines. A few years ago we had called futuristic but now quite as novel design must be able to encompass the most modern and avant-garde styles.

Do not forget that the comfort and durability need to be safeguarded and that fate is to majority public authorities and daily use and enjoyt of the horeca channel. If we add the adequacy of the most modern textile upholstery for the touch of design differentiation and reaches its peak.