Currently the bar stools are included within the catering section, if it is true that there is usually a sufficient differentiation between bar stools intended to cafe or restaurant with bar. The bar is not necessarily a place with such distinction, a more extensive and varied, usually with a medium or low and therefore is not as important in aesthetics stools public. Prevails strength and durability as the proposals for reform and furniture changes are not as common.

It is a stool with iron frame and synthetic leather seat upholstery, in injected polypropylene or polyethylene. Lately decor trends have changed and due to the economic situation so frequent influx of public can not see in bars. Everything becomes more competitive and bar concept is changing, so that the aesthetic element marked by the furniture is crucial to attracting customers.

This is where we can put many of our collections to offer a nice, different stool with an aesthetic differentiation can customize the local and at the same time having a quality ratio suitable to be attractive enough and tilt the catering to price less able to change each time to choose between our models.