A stool is a seat without arms, for one person. It is commonly understood backless but hospitality is almost forced to take him because of the convenience to support the back and use it as a high chair in bar or at high tables in the same way that tables chairs normal height. The humblest of the seats are known, the more uncomfortable and probably one of the first to be used.

Despite his humility and discomfort will continue to be used, and perhaps even because of them, for as it is necessary that the quality of the person is distinct from the more typical manner, if two characters are staying seated, that of largest category should occupy the best seat: hence the thrones for kings and vassals stools, seen in the drawings of the codices. Discomfort for seated implies that it can not adopt comfortable positions and therefore can not fall asleep, hence the use of stools at the workshops in which operators work seated in schools for students (when benches are used backless that fill the same purpose) and guard services. The stools also have the advantage of being placed under the table, so that a room can have a seat for many people and be cleared when the stools under tables or similar furniture not be placed by using them.

The Castilian voice is an adaptation of the French tabouret [read: tabure] whose modern sense appeared in the early sixteenth century. Usually with round seat, the term formed by analogy from tambour (drum) that was said fráncico tabor. It seems that the drum owes its origin to the Persian Jabir, through the Arab tanbur. Currently, there is a type of stool called taco, equipped with retractable wheels for easy movement and stabilized rubber ring for easy fixing.
In some areas of the Community of Madrid Carmenqueta the term is also used, particularly in the area of Rivas-Vaciamadrid consists stool seat and foot; the seat can be square, circular, oval, oblong or any other shape, but the four mentioned above are the most general; feet can be three or four. The stool can be carpentry, joinery and upholstery.