Within the world of the chairs could make a classification based on the materials they are made. One option would be the wooden chairs. The chairs can be made from different types of wood: pine, birch, beech, oak, etc.
We chose beech because it is ductile, malleable and durable material for use given to it in facilities and in the world of contract. The wooden chair upholstered may occur, so that only the material outwardly seen in part of the structure that goes from the seat to the floor, the part of the legs, although its construction and skeleton are fully manufactured in beech.

The chair can be partly covered, where the back and seat, or just seat or backrest are upholstered only; the rest goes into what we call exposed wood. And finally there are models that support the wood seat and back in wood with a piece that forms is presented entirely in wood. We also have models whose only choice is entirely of wood.
Beech wood allows us to polish in any color and hue, so that gives us a wide range of possibilities, if not as many as the rainbow. We may also lacquered in any color of the range of ral, which substantially expands the colour possibilities.

Another important aspect to note is the construction of the wooden chairs. Despite being a noble material all reinforcements, ears and tongue and groove system to ensure that we build strength and durability suitable chairs for use in the field of contract.