Among the different classifications can be considered as those upholstered chairs in which the upholstered prevails over wood elements. There is a fine line in those models in which the seat and back is upholstered and could come into the classification of wood or upholstered chairs.

Usually presented with fully upholstered seat and back, leaving only sight in beech legs. We have a wide variety of models and even in collections where the same model is available in two options: upholstered and wood.

The most modern and particular market choose the combination of different fabrics and textures within the same chair, turning this into something exclusive and fully differentiated. It is more appropriate for the international market, but every day more imposing these trends in the Spanish market.
When elements come into play as the measures, width, height of chairs and different shapes on the seat and backrest can talk about the availability of many models as there are combinations and possibilities.The upholstered chairs are chosen decorative installation environments where wood prevails, to cause the effect to break and combine or in environments where textile decoration is an element that decides and defines the finished installation.