Kitchen Chairs

We understand kitchen chairs those that are located in the room where meals are prepared and that operability and comfortable service is usually used when the components of the family are not very numerous and can make smaller meals like breakfast or dinner are more agile and more frugal.
It is characteristic of the kitchen chairs which is usually lower than the room, either because the table does not have a too large dimensions or size for economy of space.

Some are made of wood with wood or upholstered seat. They are usually accompanied by the table where the elements of wood and style of the kitchen furniture is rustic or classic prevail. The trend in recent years ordered chairs with metal frame or satin aluminum or chrome combined with wooden seat or upholstered to match furniture modern kitchen and the table is usually fixed or extensible with glass top and colors, giving it a touch of joy, freshness and modernity.

Usually they are accompanied by low stools, matching chairs without restraint so that means saving space when not used as they placed under the table, not preventing the passage and preventing bother the always already so small space which has a kitchen.