The chair is a piece of furniture that are intended to seat one person. In our factory one of the important components are the chairs, which gives name to it. Ideal for the Hospitality channel by construction, strength and durability, as well as the use of high strength materials that meet all the characteristics of use in environments CONTRACT.

The very wide range of shades and colors that can suggest the wood finish, combined by the variety of textiles in the seat upholstery turns every possibility into a single custom part.
All our clients agree on the same comments about your comfort and convenience in care aspects in a special way. You could say that there are as many chairs as people and the comfort and convenience depends largely on how our body adapts ergonomically and also our aesthetic perception of it.
Our models are focused for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars and also to areas of communities where day use is essential and the strength and durability make it essential. Aesthetics are important and why we propose models with a touch of modernity to the acceptance by the public is a majority.