Also called low-back armchairs are manufactured in a way so narrow that meets resistance regulations and round without any outgoing edges.

They have a special construction and thicknesses reinforced in standard chairs that confer unusual resistance. The features are:

Solid beech top quality with assemblies and concealed screws. Edges, rounded corners and edges. Ensambled with pin and brackets system placed asymmetrically double inner and outer enhancement to improve its strength.

Laminated plywood of 16 mm. HR polyurethane foam 30kg. Average thickness 35 mm. Ergonomic seat.Arms: In the longer structured to offer strong support to the user. Beech wood of 1st quality.

Structure of beech. RH polyurethane foam 35 kg. Average thickness 30 mm. Posted on 12 mm plywood shaped. Anatomical backrest ergonomically shaped for a perfect fit back according to technical parameters ergonomics.

Painting: Backgrounds and finished in polyurethane. Paints according to the requirements of Spanish law. UNE EN 150 9001-1994 Quality Systems.
Upholstery: Vinyl Material foamed polyester textile backing. Highly resistant to wear and tear (abrassion), fire retardancy (M2), color fastness to sunlight (UV), with treatment to attack by microorganisms (fungi and bacteria), excellent ease of cleaning and good physical resistances: resistance to perspiration and human saliva, urine resistance, resistance to blood, resistance to oils, sunflower stain resistant. In strong and durable colours that do not fade or transferred to other materials. Antimicrobial protection.Antibacterial protection. Antifungal protection. Antistatic finish.

Fireproof Material UNE 23.727-90 1R / M2. Complies with BS / DIN EN 71-3 standard.

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