It owes its name to the style of furniture in the time of Elizabeth II aesthetics was based on power, luxury and splendor. We pooled the curved shapes on the back and legs of classic style with modern construction and materials.

Get a piece of furniture, a chair, a chair or a stool framed in this style that would give splendor and class where the combination of materials and the cost becomes a product while shopping is very unique and competitive from the point of view market, it is something that you get to become an art.
We do not expose it as charged in the forms and decoration of furniture and so we framed in a modern style. The furniture manufacturing becomes more economical under industrialization.

Couches and beds are Elizabethan style gondola. This trend arises in nightstands or tables, but other options are also used: a single central foot, turned and polygonal shapes, etc. Carved consoles are also recovering again scrolls. This adapted to our contemporary era gives birth our collection of chairs, armchairs, stools and furniture in general we call Elizabethan style.