Contemporary chairs mean those whose aesthetic fits the canons of modern times. Some place them into the modern stream. In fact, in this classification range of styles is vast, and we mean by contemporary all those currently required interest and actually ask for different channel contract facilities.
Practically you could say that almost all the collection of TM SILLERIAS have a contemporary setting, as it always seeks to propose within the concept and functionality, those models that can issue current interest in trends in all environments and styles . Current approaches in interior decoration seek to transfer the personality of the user environment.

It is increasingly common finding of personalism and distinction in pleasant surroundings. Differentiation with respect to other establishments through the approach of comfortable chairs, whose aesthetic “no drop”, modern, be given a unique personality and the home environment. Attractive to customers, accompanied by friendly and personalized service and value for money just to assessing the client then this is reached become regular customer, in a contemporary customer again because in every way you feel in house.

CONTEMPORARY CHAIRS encompass 90% of our collection. They are chairs that are timeless, that do not conform to a particular artistic and decorative style. They are chairs with modern and neutral aesthetic that makes his style fit in almost any environment. The personality is defined by the choice of the customer Wood coloour and upholstery, making it a unique and exclusive model for every occasion.