The wingback chairs are the ones most commonly known by the name of armchairs. These have evolved over time, but the critical moment in which they established themselves was in the American colonial period, where they settled as essential piece of furniture in the every home. Today is a characteristic styling element in interior decor, either in classic and ancient versions, or in more modern and contemporary spaces.
These chairs consist of long and high backrests with slight inclination, and elevated armrests on each side surrounding the seat, with two small side ears flanking above them. The angular shape of the chair with the armrest structure preserves the currents of warm air, and therefore, and preserve heat.
In TM Sillerias, we created a collection of wingback chairs characterized by variety to guarantee the satisfaction of our wide range of customers. Designed with different styles and upholstery in different colors and fabrics, we ensure a wing chair model for each type of space for everyone, whether they are a classical lover or fan of the most modern and avant-garde styles.