Within the chairs can distinguish what we mean in slang as couches or chairs with armrests and what many people see as couches or armchairs. In both cases the upholstery has a special place.
In the considered seating chairs with arms it is possible to bring the upholstered seat and back also, as long as the model that we occupy at that time will enable him to do so. When an upholstered chair becomes chair by merely having consider upholstery is global and is integral with the seat and back, leaving the legs of wood or other material to add arms possible.

The upholstered armchairs understood as part of the group considered minor upholstery and every day are more in demand in the market for foodservice channel. Foam of different thickness and densities depending on the part of the armchair used where they are placed.Supported by virtually all types of textiles and the combination of various types of textiles and colors in the same piece are increasingly common in the demand for international markets.

They are manufactured on demand depending on the different types of textiles which can be upholstered and most involves a completely handmade by skilled manual labour. We have our own team in the section of the upholstery.