Relax Armchair (Recliner)

A recliner armchair is unlike the others as it includes an adjustable backrest and in some cases, also a footrest. These armchairs are one of the most relaxing and comfortable, and its main attraction is the chance of relaxation offered by its different mechanisms. These armchairs have two main positions, one that allows the armchair resting at a position angle of forty-five degrees, and a second position to adjust the armchair in various positions of reclining greater than forty-five degrees.
In TM Sillerias, we ensure the welfare and satisfaction of our customers. Noting the trend in the market for furniture that allows relaxation and better breaks, we developed our collection of recliner armchairs to ensure the public high quality furniture that meets their requirements for relaxation and comfort.
Along with the reclining mechanism, the armchairs collection of TM Sillerías is worked with quality materials, upholstered in different materials such as fabric or leather, in colors ranging from white and cream shades to darker color tones such as brown and black. That way we guarantee that the pieces of this collection suit any interior styling and the most specific requirements of our different customers’ preferences.