Those whose upholstery is based primarily on leather. In hospitality and Horeca channel are rare and rather unusual requests to manufacture leather couches. If the destination is for domestic use there is a possibility that are required in leather. Its high cost for the leather itself, handling and execution times of the upholstery itself that becomes craft, make it an article for uncompetitive in the domestic market; This mode is replaced by upholstered in synthetic leather.

In the international market, and more specifically in the Middle East and Persian Gulf have more space this type of applications. The quality of our leather high purchasing power and make the leather as a synonym of luxury and lavishness is demanded by these markets.

The leathers used are mostly used by security providers specialized in this type of raw material. Leather brings features that make it very suitable for the treatment and execution of upholstered furniture because of its flexibility and malleability that make sewing and sheathed in a major way.