The chairs are for the upholstery section. Both minor and major. The sofa bed is basically a chair or armchair upholstered in a square and fold through a system of internal mechanism extends service can give a bed for placing a cushion between 70 and 90 centimeters wide. Usually corresponds to a square version of the sofa beds.
Not all sofas and chairs are convertible sofa bed. Minimum measures are required and sufficient backbone to enable space inside the mechanism for springs and mattress to be convertible to bed model and also to give adequate service.

Hospitality is not a product in high demand compared to the sofa as the service break he gives is more limited, although it is very welcome in establishments where the accompaniment of residents during their overnight stays is almost mandatory.

Our upholstery division is staffed with highly qualified and specialized staff. It has a system of opening and closing Italian so that makes it more comfortable and agile handling and manipulation.

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