Summer decoration in your home

//Summer decoration in your home

Summer decoration in your home

How decorate your home in summer?

With summer 2016 arrival and with it also the desire to go out, dress with fresh and light clothes. Introducing happy colours in our day to day, this is also reflected in our home, where step by step we begin to see a general change, crave more, to open windows all day, letting in the light to every corner, embedding our home with this particular essence coming from this season. Finally summer arrives home.

Introducing bright colours at home will improve our state of being, this will be reached by introducing elements that imply this season, like for example, placing fresh flowers in our living room, or with potted plants in rooms, kitchen and other spaces.

Other elements that will provide importance to our style in our home will be furniture and complements, these can give a great charge of colour for this season, it will be reached through the fabrics, textures and colours. More and more predominant trend in furniture is organic, introducing continuous shapes, but providing clear lines.

In the spaces of our home where we use to spend more time and where really do life we propose to do a change in all cushion’s covers, mainly putting more colourful and fresh fabrics.

Following is dining room, we speak about carpets, summer arrival does not imply to remove the carpets, wool, warm, soft and leave the floor empty until winter, because there is a wide variety of carpets settled for every season of the year, with specific fabrics for summer, as can be: cotton, jute, sisal, coco or natural fibres among others. We recommend these carpets to be in clear, plain colours and with soft motifs to reach a fresh and light ambient.

Also can substitute our bedspreads or quilts for sheets or thin bedspreads with a fresh clear tone.

And last but not the least important, those who have an outdoor space in their house, begin the time to give a daily use for these areas. We recommend to be totally integrated inside the house, through a decoration placed with our inside space, in correspondence in terms of colours, fabrics and furniture style.

This year dress your home with summer arrival!

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