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A stool carries a similar manufacturing process to the chairs. You could say that is a chair with special characteristics for height and construction to ensure strength and durability of it.

Its use is prevalent in bars or high table.

We also manufacture stools combining different materials such as iron and aluminum for the frame and legs and wood and upholstered seat and back.

We can not forget that wood is a prevailing element in our collections and legs in beech is the most demanded in modern and contemporary lines. This costs quite often become cheaper relative to iron and aluminum of domestic manufacture.

Stools try to produce models more representative chairs have matching his stool in each collection, so that we can provide a service combination of different models where an aesthetic that asks game environments requires that all go in the line.

When the frame and legs are wood propose aluminum in the support portion of the foot to prevent wear and discoloration of the colour elements and the wood polish.