Design Sofa bed for hospitality and home

//Design Sofa bed for hospitality and home

Design Sofa bed for hospitality and home

Design Sofa-bed for hospitality and home

To choose a sofa is what most time will take us, there is where we invest more, the furniture piece more used and where we spend more time when we are at home, even for relax watching the tv, dining, Reading a book. Then it has to be a satisfied purchase in all aspects.

There are lots of facts when buying a sofa, like for example the comfort, warm, fabric, colour and so on. But if we also need an extra space due to the frequent problems like small houses or we own a hotel, hostel, residence and need space in our rooms that makes difficult to place auxiliary beds, these kind of beds with a unique use for sleeping, so during the day it willl not have use in the room. Therefore for these cases the best option is the sofa-bed that will give a solution of space for sleeping, and it can be used during the day as a comfortable sofá, because the fact that it becomes a bed does not have anything to do with the sofá comfort and the ergonomy. But if also your room is so small that can not open a sofa-bed, at TM Sillerias we have thought how to satisfy your needs and we bet for this kind of desing(see image below) that do not need space to be open. Our sofa-beds have certified bed systems, passing all kind of tests: resistence, opening trials to guarantee more than 10.000 openings, assuring a long life. Thus they have features like easy open mechanism. Only have to extract the sommier from below the cushions, and there it is.

TM Sillerias - Sofa-bed        TM Sillerias - Sofa-bed

All materials used have a high quality. Designed with the accurate dimensions to place a sommier and mattress inside the sofa. This sofa-bed offers the chance to mix a bedroom or dining room area, with the contemporanean style TM SILLERIAS provides.

The wooden frame has a high quality, same as the rest of components. Special foam for this type of sofas. The fabrics are design same as we use for other sofas. Quality suppliers from Spain with whom we work long time. Cushions, legs and rest of ítems in the sofa are used thinking of the customer’s comfort.

TM Sillerias - Sofa-bed

In this link you can visit our website, and see the range of sofa-beds TM Sillerias offer, having a variety of styles and shapes. Apart from it at TM Sillerias we have new models that are available for sale, but not in our website yet.

Thus if you want to meet the new collection of sofa-bed, please contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.

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