Hospitality Furniture in Contract sector

//Hospitality Furniture in Contract sector

Hospitality Furniture in Contract sector

Personalize your contract hospitality furniture

Hospitality Furniture for contract should be more resistent than home Furniture, besides has to accomplish other aspects like quality and budget. At TM Sillerias also offer the chance to personalize the romos designing bedside tables, headboards, tables, desks and so on.

Hospitality Furniture in contract sector has as an aim the exclusivity of each place, either restaurant or hotel, bar…

Have to take into account the Furniture supplied after the refurbishment in a hotel or restaurant are not going to be replaced son, for this reason is important the endurance of the products. When we talk about resistence we are also talking about contract Furniture easy to clean and maintain with the passing of time. The daily maintenance hospitality furniture needs can not exceed the own Project, in terms of Money, and there enters functionality, a product designed for public use can not have a complex maintenance or need an exclusive care.

TM Sillerias exclusivity is equivalent to create a perfect combination between resistence (to obtain a durable product) and accomplish the current law.

At TM Sillerias we know the complete satisfaction of the end user in hotel or food industry determines the succesfull evolution of the business. And in the touristic sector the product is sold to reach a unique experience through them, feeling like at home either in a hotel room or in a restaurant where food creates a special sensation in the restaurant.

To reach this target is necessary professionals and a open view. From this point of view TM Sillerias believe that an uncomfortable chair will bring the customer to go out of the place. Nevertheless a comfortable chair will help to the customer to take a drink after eating and continue in the restaurant. The same happens in a hotel room, where if the space created is comfortable to rest we will not doubt to repeat the stay in this hotel and even recommend to family and friends. All these details create the difference and distinguish good Furniture and seatings in contract.

From TM Sillerias we offer the chance to request our new contract catalogue 2017/2018.

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