Adequate furniture for every space.

Adequate furniture for every space.

Sometimes we face a complete refurbishment in our shop or a furniture renewing. These tasks can be more and more complicated until becoming in difficult problems. One of the more complicated issues is the accurate furniture election for every space, either for a restaurant, pub, hotel. Thus, should remember furniture is the key element for every space and this could be the reason why it is so difficult. In this new blog entrance we shall give easy and useful steps for the appropiate furniture choice.

 Taking into account a first step that usually is even forgotten. This step is to analyse, we can not begin anything if we do not analyse our customer’s needs and our facilities, and to settle a target. At this point have to think what style I want for my business (modern, classical, minimalist…) Once it is decided we begin to have a clearer idea. At this moment have to choose the tones for our space, without entering deeper here I will do a remark, that has to be always present.

 “Either in hotel management or hospitality all spaces have to speak the same language and state same values. Talk about homogeneity, basic thing”. Once it is done let’s begin the most critical aspect of design, furniture. First thing never forget the ergonomy aspect, mentioned in previous entrances. Can not leave comfort and well-being, we shall try our customers to be pleased at any time.

Knowing the type of business space we have then will begin with shapes, tones and furniture materials.

A straight shape will be addressed to serious places like meeting rooms, waiitng areas, receptions. For these places we recommend chairs, armchairs to be upholstered in leather because leather imprints more seriousness or even wooden pieces. The tones for these ambients, can be cold colours like White and darker like black, grey or deep blue. Furthermore we also recomments the use of metal like inox steel, chromes… for table legs, or for armrests and chair legs, armchairs…


Nevertheless if you look for warm and comfortable spaces will decide for organic and round shapes, pastel colours(beige, light grey, brown…) and as a neutral colour, White. These ítems can be upholstered in fabric because of the warm ambience created by the upholstered elements.

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Last thing, if what you intend in your premises is to have a dynamic, fresh and pleasant we recommend to use more colouring and fresh, like rose, red, violet… and with more modern shapes and minimalists. As we said previously, a good option for these spaces also would be adding metal in our furniture.


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