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TM Sillerias was born in 1980 by its founder, Juan Marco Hernandez, producing turned legs of tables and chairs. So its first catalog “Tables and Chairs Kitchen & Catering” .Through developed a sales network, expanded kitchen serving in stores, furniture stores and mass merchants.

The turning point for TM Sillerías is when he specialized in the world of the Communities and the Contract, with the demand that requires the assurance and quality of their products, while maintaining an aesthetic design.

Design, strength and durability, are marked for philosophy TM products.

The desire to improve, moves to a wide range of products, year after year expands to offer an adequate response to the demand for hospital sectors, catering, and contract communities.

The market has positioned us as one of the leading companies in the Contract sector, thus leading to a release of specific brand called LEADER, registered in the European Economic Community trademark.

The catalog has been developed with this “Leader Contract” covers a range of products from chairs, tables, armchairs or sofas upholstered others.

In 2010, TEAM LEADER was created.

A specialized human and technical upholstery is consolidated to improve the quality of all upholstered products also increasing the variety of specialized sofas for the contract world. Also surgery oriented sector of geriatric and gerontological especially.

Thus  in 2011 developed the catalog classic furniture models for geriatrics. Furniture with more warmth, comfort and modernity are highlighted in the catalog.

In 2012, the corporate brochure “Leader Contract” was launched, getting to be a leader in the range of products developed.

Our desire to improve service and attention to our customers has led us to offer an external enclosure to be always available to your needs.