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Chair is a piece of furniture that are intended to seat one person. In our factory one of the important components are the chairs, which gives name to it.

That’s where the manufacture, assembly, upholstery, packaging, polished and ready to go destination charge is made.

There is an organized and coordinated logistics to prepare orders to go in and provide them completed by the time specified in terms of truck loads and geographical area delivery system.

The commercial department manages order entry and confirmation. The administrative department manages all documentary formalities required for this, both customers and suppliers. The accounting department handles all matters relating to the financial part and is in constant communication with the administration.

Downstairs the production site, finished product, packing and loading.

The factory is an organized structure of people, space, equipment, vehicles and materials aimed at the manufacturing and marketing of chairs among other items intended for the world of decoration, interior design, hospitality and contracting.

It is important that the team work together, each with its mandate, to the successful completion of the entire process, from the start of preparation of materials to delivery of the goods.

Quality control and testing of resistance and finish are determinants for the product on the market have the desired echo.

The sales and delivery of the product in good condition continues the process.

The constant study of the market in order to make a correct development of the binomial money makes us competitive enough to remain present in all possible markets.