We are a project, we are an illusion, we are a team, we are the result of a job well done, 30 years of history. Discover with us the revolutionary concept and experimental Leader products.

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Leader, all for the hotel, restaurant, local authorities and contracting, mostly for decoration and interior design; all, to make them feel at home.

A company is an organization, institution or industry engaged in activities or prosecution of economic or commercial purposes, to meet the needs of goods or services of the plaintiffs, on par to ensure continuity of production-trade structure and its necessary investments .

A company is the organization that allows the “internationalization” of the forms of production: one allowing the factors of production (capital, labor, resources) are on the other allows the division of labour.

Economic and social objectives of the companies

  • Purpose economical, which is the production of goods or services to meet needs of society.
  • Purpose economicalinternal, which is to reach an added value to remunerate members of the company. A few in the form of dividends and other earnings or in the form of salaries, wages and benefits. This purpose includes opening opportunities for investors and employment for workers. It has been discussed a lot if one of these two goals is above the other.Both are essential, they are closely linked and should try to achieve simultaneously. The company is to serve the men outside (society) and the men inside (its members).
  • External social purpose, which is to contribute to the full development of society, trying tonot only do the fundamental social and personal values ​​are violated in their economy, but if possible be promoted.
  • Internal social purpose, which is to contribute, within the company, the full development of its members, trying not to violate fundamental human values, but Tambie n promovie ndolos.