Catalogue contract furniture TM Sillerias 2017/2018

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Catalogue contract furniture TM Sillerias 2017/2018

New catalogue contract furniture TM Sillerias 2017/2018

Expected and long-awaited by all our customers, and the new contract furniture catalogue TM Sillerias 2017/2018 arrives with a wide range of new products and including renewed star products that accompany us since the previous catalogue.

The contract furniture catalogue that we are sure is not going to pass unnoticed, beginning with the cover in an strident mustard colour with marks of embedded elements. All this continues in the inside where is noticed the presence of colours in the first pages. Colourful has landed for a long time.

The wide range of products that TM Sillerias offers could be found the category of sofas, sofa-beds(Italian system, truckle bed, front opening, folding, bunk bed… with 2 years guarantee), armchairs, tub chairs, chairs, tables, stools among others. From all previously mentioned categories have to remark the injected polyurethane introduction in the armchair’s frames, in order to reach moulds that respect the rules of ergonomy and that we can remark model numbers: 2246, 9180, 9185, 9244 and 9282, all of them have special designs and clean lines but with a high level of comfort.

In the range of chairs we are including curved Woods, to obtain clean lines and unique shapes together with an exclusive design that stand out.
Another point to stand out is the renewed range of fabrics and faux leathers, fabrics 100% cotton, 100% wool, including features like waterproof, easyclean, fireproof as the most important.

And at the end of the catalogue TM Sillerias we can find the wood finishes where we offer more than 20 colours and 8 types of melamines and the possibility of hpl. Doing it one of the most complete, so far, given the wide range of products availables for each category.

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