Hospitality Furniture in Contract sector

Personalize your contract hospitality furniture
Hospitality Furniture for contract should be more resistent than home Furniture, besides has to accomplish other aspects like quality and budget. At TM Sillerias also offer the chance to personalize the romos designing bedside tables, headboards, tables, desks and so on.

Hospitality Furniture in contract sector has as an aim the […]

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Catalogue contract furniture TM Sillerias 2017/2018

New catalogue contract furniture TM Sillerias 2017/2018
Expected and long-awaited by all our customers, and the new contract furniture catalogue TM Sillerias 2017/2018 arrives with a wide range of new products and including renewed star products that accompany us since the previous catalogue.

The contract furniture catalogue that we are sure is not going to pass […]

Design headboards

Design headboards in hotels
One of the key items is the headboard that will mark the difference in any contract project. On each hotel room where we stay we will find different type of headboards, from the most modern and minimalist until the more classical with decorative lines, passing through the walls or panels with […]

Vintage style star armchair

Do you know our vintage style armchair 8288?
This time we are going to talk about armchair 8288 (TM Sillerias reference number). This star armchair vintage style, is mainly the best product valued from our customers among a big range of products. We can say it has important features, the most important one is the aesthetics. […]

Yecla furniture fair 2016


As we advanced through our social media, after holidays we come with new projects and events. In this case we announce that from 26 to 29 September you can find us in Yecla furniture fair 2016 and visit our stands (F6 and CY1).
In the first stand (F6) you will see the new models TM […]

Balcony furniture with style

Discover how to decorate balcony furniture with style
We begin the season when we use more the terrace, courtyard or balcony. This outdoor space is a luxury that not everybody can enjoy. For this reason we should give the best use and try to be useful at any time of the year. If we reach it […]

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Design Sofa bed for hospitality and home

Design Sofa-bed for hospitality and home
To choose a sofa is what most time will take us, there is where we invest more, the furniture piece more used and where we spend more time when we are at home, even for relax watching the tv, dining, Reading a book. Then it has to be a […]

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Adequate furniture for every space.

Sometimes we face a complete refurbishment in our shop or a furniture renewing. These tasks can be more and more complicated until becoming in difficult problems. One of the more complicated issues is the accurate furniture election for every space, either for a restaurant, pub, hotel. Thus, should remember furniture is the key element […]

Summer decoration in your home

How decorate your home in summer?
With summer 2016 arrival and with it also the desire to go out, dress with fresh and light clothes. Introducing happy colours in our day to day, this is also reflected in our home, where step by step we begin to see a general change, crave more, to open […]

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Invest and refurbish

Now is the time to Invest and refurbish giving a change to your business, either in a complete renew or with a furniture change, it will depend on what customer wish, the needs of each one and the budget to accomplish it. Maybe our business had a renewal done some years ago, but for some […]

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