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The armchairs and seats are elements of furniture that offer a unique opportunity to create value and evoke environments within a space. Whether in a waiting room, a reception, the living room of the home, or the study room, an armchair or a seat is simply the necessary touch to complete a space with full functionality.

In TM Sillerias we offer a variety of armchairs and seats to please the most diverse range of clients. From those who love elegance and classic styles to the most daring and risky customers who love the arts and the modern trends.

Our collection of armchairs and seats are based on a concept that departs from the static to become dynamic. They are based on versatility, playing with a variety of elements when decorating a space. Our products are ideal for a world in constant change and evolution, and offer the best solution for our customers looking for solutions for the most demanding decors, that need to be trendy and able to adapt to all environments.