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The chairs are for the upholstery section. Both minor and major. Our upholstery division is made by highly qualified and specialized staff.

That’s where the manufacture, assembly, upholstery, packaging, polished and ready to go destination charge is made. There is an organized and coordinated logistics to prepare orders to go in and provide them completed by the time specified in terms of truck loads and geographical area delivery system.

By having a focus on hospitality and work in sufficient quantities allows us to minimize costs relative to other manufacturers specialized in upholstery.

The highlight is the wide variety of upholstered armchairs nestled within what is considered minor upholstery and very sought-marked for use in the hall, entrances, common areas, waiting rooms, coffee rooms and areas enabled but use in a more quiet and rest area.

Upholstery Specialists covering so many different collections of chairs and upholstered armchairs.

Our own specialized equipment allows us to provide this coverage and care for all the models proposed in the catalogue.

The constant study of the market in order to make a correct development of the binomial money makes us competitive enough to remain present in all possible markets.